How does it work?

To get access to Fanzineverkstadens facilities you need to become a member.
Fill out the form to apply for membership!

The only requirement to become a member is that you must be at least 18 years of age.

A membership in Fanzineverkstaden currently costs 500 SEK/year.

You can bring your own material to work with or buy at the workshop at cost price (same goes for prints etc.).

How much our membership will cost in the future depends on what costs and funding we have, but we will try to keep the price down as best we can.

Membership in Fanzineverkstaden also means a support membership in Tusen Serier as the Fanzineverkstaden is run by Tusen Serier and also offers a discounted price for a subscription to the comics-art anthology CBA that our partner CBK publishes.

Membership application